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Below we will be covering the standards you are expected to hit as a Junior Associate with our company.  We will also cover the values that we as a company live by.

Nurture Standards:

Below are the standards that we hold all of our Junior Associates to.  Please review the material and make sure you understand what is being expected from you.

Production Standards:

1) 4 nurtures per day/ 80 nurtures per month

– $25 per nurture/$2000 a month


2) Open Houses when licensed- 2 a month

– $50 per open house/$100 per month


3) Completion of every course in this Learning Management System.


  • 80 Contacts or 400 mins dialed to get 4 nurtures
    • A= 90-100
    • B= 80-89
    • F= 79 and under
  •  Graduate the Junior Associate program in ­ 6 Months

Heyl Values

It is important that you understand the values of our company.  Those who promote in our company exemplify these values daily.  Every week you need to be asking yourself “what am I specifically doing to grow in these areas.”






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